About us

We are a closely-knit association which follows the principles of Positive Thinking and Positive Practice, Chanting and Pujas as preached by our spiritual leader. According to our leader, life is the imprint of our beliefs and GOD is everywhere to back our beliefs. So, he encourages all his disciples and each individual globally to think and believe with positivity to attract the ultimate positive blessings from the eternal power to achieve one’s goal. Our leader of So-ahamparivar dedicatedly protects each individual from the limitations of planetary and star signs of the horoscope by Bengali astrology. Bengali astrology is an unique astrological system which provides accurate prediction about future. Also he puts much stress on Positive Thinking and Practice in our everyday life to attract the blessings and to open the best possible means to achieve our target. We believe there is no room for negativity in one’s life. Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears. Emission of perfect positive required energy and frequency from within oneself will lead one to the desired directions (disha) and outcomes, overcoming all the limitations and evils of ‘Dasha-kal’.


In the midst of an ordinary middle class family, the journey of my life began. Inspite of all the adversities I always found my parents abide by their values with their head held high, and I have carried on that baton of them on my shoulders. Being a moderate student I had to acquire necessary professional degrees in order to sustain an ambitious life. Just like a frog, I leaped from service to business to profession, but could not swim in any and never felt contented. In the year 1996, a mere trip to Puri proved to be a vast turning point in my life. I saw a father and a son infront of a temple, the little boy shouting after seeing the pillars of lions at the entrance, "Run Dad, or the lions will eat us". The father said, "They are just statues and won’t harm us." To this the son replied, "If those lion statues don’t harm us, then how can statues of God give us blessings?" I was left completely speechless! Also I found some books which did motivate me but did not show any trajectory to success. Whenever I was surrounded by a cloud of depression, Late Dr. Tapas Dutta (Mathematician) would pull me out and push me into an aura of positivity along the path of Vivekananda’s beliefs. During that ongoing process I met my Guru, Mr. Subir Gupta. He was an inspiration to the core. He came into my life at a time when I was in a deep soup. One day, I got hold of a biography of billionaire John Doe and it totally changed the diagram of my life. I was intensely inspired by a c onversation between a husband and a wife, in that biography – ‘In this world there is no one who is useless. It is just that they have not positioned themselves firmly at the right place’. That ‘Puri’ incidence of 1996 made me realize that God exists within ‘Human beings’, not in ‘Idols’, and thus the inception of So-ahamparivar occurred. This organization is for now and eternity…………………………………………………………………