Grahan Yog

As per Indian Hindu astrology, if Rahu or Ketu is in close conjunction with sun or moon at the time of birth, in the horoscope this is called ‘Grahan Dosh’. According to Hindu astrology, this ‘dosh’ creates lots of problems and undesirable effects on individual. Generally, this ‘dosh’ produces poverty and is associated with overall negative effects on body and mind. Some noteworthy negative effects are # negative return in examination, # hazardous career and profession, # disturbed married life, # unnecessary financial problems, #negative effects on parents' health…etc. For astrological remedies of financial problems and disturbed married life, puja or ‘pratikar’ (remedy) by any other means like stones, ‘kabach’ etc are prescribed as per traditional Hindu astrology. But we believe, Puja is the best possible way for astrological remedies of financial problems, disturbed married life…….. and/or other negative effects associated with this yog.
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