Shani sade sati

For any person the ‘sadde sati’ is the period of approximately 7 and ½ years during which Saturn moves through the three constellations holding the moon and two constellations that flank it. While going through ‘shani sadde sati’ period, one would suffer from delay in marriage or having kids, one would find themselves in instability and would find obstacles in the way of maturity of any good projects, business matters, etc. One may be prone to sudden accidents, sudden failures in life, and/or face sudden monetary and health problems.
No worries, forget the negative influence of Lord Shani Devata (shani sadde sati, shani dhaiya and ashtama shani ) and devote yourself in puja and be blessed with growth and improvement in all aspects of your life and attain a peaceful life.
To get this positive change and reduce the malefic effects of shani sadde sati, shani dhaiya and ashtama shani, puja available-@ Rs: 4000.00/