Vastu remedial puja

We all love to lead a peaceful and prosperous life on this beautiful Earth, which is the creation of God. But how many of us lead a hazardless life or enjoy absolute peace in family??? If we try to find out an answer, it is very difficult. As every child of God on this earth faces one problem or the other, our spiritual leader has found in his own way the pathway to sure-shot solutions for different problems of different human beings. He defines the importance of ‘Kharga Puja’and 'Dakshinavarti Sankh Puja' as the ultimate path to receive the positive vibes and happiness and the complete blessings of eternal power to reduce the‘Vastu Dosh’ .

The effect of ‘Kharga Puja’/‘Dakshinavarti Sankh Puja’ to rectify ‘Vastu Dosh’ and keeping the ‘Kharga’/ ‘Dakshinavarti Sankh ’ in one’s house will bring: –

  • A powerful combination of good health, vitality protection and attraction of abundance.
  • Self-power, dynamism, enhancement of communication power, career growth.
  • Fulfillment of materialistic desires (‘bhoga’) and liberation (‘moksha’).
  • Positivity, abundance, rejuvenation, peace in family and a powerful balance of life.

The purpose, expenses and the type of ‘Kharga Puja/Dakshinavarti Sankh Puja’ will be different for each individual, as per his / her specific problems. The necessity of Puja of ‘Kharga/Dakshinavarti Sankh ’ for any particular devotee is solely at the discretion of our spiritual leader, after a thorough analysis of various problems of each individual.